China Hong Kong Paralympic Committee has been committed to supporting the development of Para athletes, and the five-year pilot scheme Para Athletes Career and Education Programme, launched in 2023, aims to provide support to retired, soon-to-retire or active Para athletes in employment, education and life skills and assist them with a smooth transition after their sporting career.

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  • 01

    Empower Para athletes to plan for their future as early as possible so they can devote themselves to training without worries

  • 02

    Equip Para athletes with comprehensive knowledge and skill sets necessary for their “second-career” development

  • 03

    Assist athletes with a successful transition after retirement

  • 04

    Promote disability inclusion, building a caring, inclusive and barrier-free society

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ChairmanDr. James Joseph LAM, BBS, JP
Vice-ChairmanDr. Jim T.C. LUK
Honorary TreasurerMr. Henry S.Y. LAM
Ex-officio membersMs. Candy K.Y. NIP (Representative of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau)
 Ms. Elaine S.L. WU (Representative of China Hong Kong Paralympic Committee)
Members Dr. David T.Y. MONG
 Mr. Philip W.C. TSAI, BBS, JP
 Mr. K.F. IU
 Mr. K.Y. LEE (Representative of Para athlete)
 Ms. C.H. NG (Representative of Para athlete)
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Discovering Life after Sports



We have been fully supportive of Hong Kong Para athletes, with equal emphasis on their future development. Our goal is to help Para athletes integrate into the workforce and continue to shine and thrive in different fields, achieving true “disability inclusion”. If you are:

1) a current Para athlete*               
2) a retiring Para athlete **               
3) a retired Para athlete up to 6 years ***  

*Must be engaged in one of the Paralympic sports               
**To be officially retired within 24 months upon confirmation of respective NSA and responsible coach               
***Those who have retired for more than six years but not more than ten years may also enjoy certain years of support


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